The FASTEST way for researchers, academics, scientists, and evaluators to learn how to create effective presentations and lectures.

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The STARTER KIT includes:  


1. My top 10 strategies for how to design & deliver effective presentations (illustrated).

2. A presentation workflow checklist to keep you efficient and on track.

3. Quick access to a free .pptx file & instructions on how to create your own slide style.

4. A worksheet to help you brainstorm your presentation storyline.

5. An information (text) design checklist so even your text looks snazzy.


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BLAST OFF to STELLAR SLIDES is packed with short videos, step-by-step guides, worksheets, and more! 


If you're a professional who gives slide-based presentations, it's time to invest in your effective visual communication skills. 

Grad schools don't include formal communication skills training (you have research design to learn!). I'm here to fill that gap. 


Class lectures: Learn how to set up your lecture slides to save you time from lesson to lesson, semester to semester.

Conference presentations: Learn how to create highly effective and visual conference presentations quickly, so you can have more time to explore the new city (or binge watch HGTV in your hotel room). 

Workshops or trainings: Learn how to create effective slides for extended workshops or training. 


Blast off to Stellar Slides is an online professional development program that shows you how to create effective presentations that get you heard, understood, and remembered.

Your life BEFORE
taking my course...

You have a reputation for giving boring, ineffective presentations and never get positive comments on your slides. "Death by powerpoint" is all your audience thinks about.

You know you could tell better stories & that your presentations could be designed better, but you don't know what to do.

You waste hours trying to find images or improve your slide design, using ineffective strategies without even realizing it.

Your students and colleagues would rather be on facebook than watch your presentation. 


Your life AFTER
taking my course... 

You have a reputation of creating amazing, well-designed, effective presentations and your colleagues ask for advice on how to improve their presentations. "Death by powerpoint" doesn't even cross their minds!

You know exactly how to use graphic design theory, information design, & visuals to make your presentations stellar.

You work on your slides so efficiently that you have enough time to write an extra pub each year (or catch up on sleep). 

Your students and colleagues are glued to your slides and only check facebook once the whole time. 


BLAST OFF to STELLAR SLIDES teaches you more than how to make "pretty slides."

This isn't about "fluff." You will learn how create effective slides and build your reputation among colleagues as being an engaging professional.

I've built a reputation for being an effective--and professional--communicator by leveraging graphic & information design theory/principles to deliver amazing presentations. No one in my audience (which includes academics!) has ever complained that my slides are "too pretty." But they do rave about how professional and engaging my presentations are. Here are some more quotes from my presentation feedback forms:

“The presenter was very professional. She was informed and prepared and she provided an excellent presentation.”

Very well done. I appreciate the professionalism…Thank you!”

“The presentation was great and the speaker was very knowledgeable.”



Researchers, scientists, academics, or evaluators who use slide-based presentations to share knowledge. 

You want your whole presentation to astronomically awesome, from start to finish.

You're ready to practice your presentations in advance so you don't have to rely on your slides to be your speaker notes.

You are ready to approach this course with an open mind and are willing to try new presentation design strategies.

You believe it's your responsibility as a communicator to do everything you can to help your audience learn, understand, and remember your material--including tailoring your slides for different situations (e.g., in-person vs. online archiving vs. webinar)



Corporations, tech start ups, or other businesses who use slide-based presentations to make a profit. 

You just want to make sexy dataviz and don't care about storyboarding or designing other content effectively. 

You want to avoid practicing, and want to keep your speaker notes on the slides so you can just read them to the audience.

You aren't willing to try new presentation design strategies, and want a "one size fits all" approach or basic templates to use.

You believe it's entirely your audience's responsibility to learn the material even if your slides and presentation style are ineffective. 



I noticed a need for more fun, engagement, and design within academia. Frankly, I was bored to tears. As an undergrad and grad student, I grew frustrated with text-heavy, boring presentations. As a presenter, I wanted to do everything I could to be more engaging, captivating, and -- most importantly -- effective

In the last 10 years I've given nearly 100 presentations, workshops, trainings, or lectures to academics, researchers, students and evaluators. I created BLAST OFF to STELLAR SLIDES to share my step by step process for storyboarding, designing, and delivering effective slide-based presentations.

As for my formal background... Well, I have a PhD in Community Psychology because I'm passionate about using research and evaluation for social equity. For the past couple years, I've been working as a research associate at a nonprofit research and evaluation center.

To me, making our work more accessible to students, colleagues, and our communities is a social justice issue. Knowledge is power & I believe we should share knowledge in engaging ways. But, we aren't trained in effective visual communication skills in grad school and that is unlikely to change anytime soon. So, I made this course to fill that gap.

I can't wait to save you hundreds of hours (and years of effort) by showing you what I wish I had known when I first started! 

See you in the course!

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Enrollment is currently closed. 

Doors will open again in 2017. To be the first to know, get early-bird access and pricing, download your free starter kit to creating awesome presentations TODAY.