1 slide deck + 1 weekend =
better slides and your life back. 

S3 is a hyperspeed course that walks academics, scientists, evaluators, and researchers through a presentation redesign in just 1 weekend.


Imagine what it will feel like FINALLY get that slide makeover out of the way, so you can have both effective slides AND a life.


Are you ready to finally update your slides and bring them to the modern era, without breaking a sweat?

We both know you're ready to design better slides, but you also have tons of other priorities. 


I know there can be a lot of questions and confusion if you’re trying to create visual presentations on your own. If you don’t have a design guide to follow, it can be easy to make some critical mistakes, waste a bunch of time, and get so frustrated with the whole process you just give up. 

Without guidance, it can be difficult to make any progress at all!

That's why I created this short online training. It's a hyperspeed course that walks you through a slide makeover design in just ONE WEEKEND!


How many times have you been staring at your text-heavy slide deck knowing that you should make it better...but not doing anything about it? 

How many times have you wished that someone would just take you by the hand and show you how to create better slides--FAST!


Your presentation TODAY


You use visuals in your slides, but ineffectively: they're small, cluttered, in the corner, distorted...and you use a template.

Makes your audience feel #DeathByPowerPoint. 

Makes even you feel bored, 'cuz it's just a bunch of bullet points and text. 


Your presentation MONDAY


You use visuals in your slides in an effective way that actually connects with your audience & helps them remember.

Makes your audience feel more interested and engaged. 

Makes you feel excited to share your slides, 'cuz you're using more visuals and engaging more. 




S3 walks you through the 6 steps you need to design your slides and create a handout. Each step has an overview lesson video and tech videos showing how to do it in PowerPoint.

Here are the steps you'll be guided through in the course:

[1] Set Up

[2] Tackle the Template

[3] Declutter Your Slides

[4] Design Your Slides

[5] Animate Your Slides

[6] Create Your Handout 

For each step, you get an overview lesson video + tech tutorials to show you exactly how to do these in PowerPoint. 

I'll show you how to use or apply things like:

The correct slide size.

What, exactly, to remove from your slides (e.g., all the types of clutter you're probably using).

What to keep on your slides.

How to choose, position, and arrange photos so you can resonate with your audience. 

How to edit the Master Slides in PowerPoint so you can use your new style again & again

Which animations will be effective, not annoying, for your audience.

S3 was literally made to train you on the core elements of effective presentation design, and to address the most common questions or challenges that academics, scientists, evaluators, and research need to overcome. 

[1] How do I remove text off my slides without having to memorize my whole speech? 

[2] What to I delete from my slides and what do I keep? What's clutter? What's clip art vs a good visual?

[3] Wait? Even bullet points are considered clutter? Why?! And what do I do instead? 

[4] How much text is too much text to leave on my slides? 

[5] How do I actually design my slides effectively, without spending hours doing it? 

[6] I don't have time for a visual to be on every slide. How can I design my slides that are only text? 

[7] What do I do about my handouts? How do I create good handouts?

If those are questions you've asked yourself, then the good news is that the answers are waiting for you in the course.



Questions? Email me at echo@echorivera.com! 

If you live in Europe, VAT will be added to this tuition price, based on your location.


STELLAR SLIDES BY SUNDAY is my hyperfocused online training course that you can complete in ONE WEEKEND, so you can redesign your presentation and move on with your week.


How long does it take to complete S3? 

One weekend. 

It's kind of a crash course, sure, but isn't that what you need to actually get things done? This is that kick in the pants you've been waiting for. 

And if that feels a little fast, I share with you a back-up completion plan that takes 1 week. The course is pre-recorded and self-paced, so you could take longer than that...if you want to. 

LIFETIME ACCESS means that you can use S3 every time you want to do a quick presentation makeover.

This is AWESOME. Think about it. S3 will be there whenever you need the motivation and hand-holding to do a quick slide makeover. Simply start from lesson 1, and follow along over 1 weekend until your slide deck is shiny and new! 



This is the course for extremely busy academics, scientists, evaluators, and researchers to take.

This is for you if you know you need better designed slides, but you want to spend as little time as possible to get there. 

This is the course for you if you don't really need to learn EVERYTHING  there is to know about compelling presentations right now. That might be great one day in the future, but right now you need some FAST ACTION strategies to make improvements without doing a huge overhaul of everything. 


S3 is the kick in the pants you've been waiting for...and with lifetime access means you can get an UNLIMITED amount of kicks in the pants. 

You're welcome :) 


Maybe you're worried that academics and scientists won't like your visual style...that they'll think you aren't being "professional enough."

Reminder: Nothing is more professional than being effective.

But just in case you're still worried, here are direct quotes from feedback forms on my research/evaluation presentations:


“The presenter was very professional. She was informed and prepared and she provided an excellent presentation.”

Great presentation!”

Very well done. I appreciate the professionalism…Thank you!”

“You have mad powerpoint skills.” 

Excellent powerpoint, clear and easy to read! Love the pictures

“The presentation was great and the speaker was very knowledgeable.”

“The presentation was great and the speaker was very knowledgeable.” 

“I like the creative spin of the presentation. Pictures were engaging, Speech patterns were relaxed instead of technical and stuffy”

Audience feedback on my webinars about presentation design:

I am an English teacher preparing visual materials for my site and courses. Echo's visual media expertise and fine eye for detail has helped me tremendously. Her materials are well organised, constructive and creative. My first place to go for pertinent, concise, and visual instruction.
- Ruth Crooks

"So glad I woke up (early) to follow this webinar!" 

"Thank you so much for this inspiring webinar!"

"Thank you, Echo! This was an awesome presentation!" 

"Great webinar! Thanks for putting it together"

"This presentation was really awesome, just what I was looking for."

"This was fantastic! Thank you."

"Her slides look great." 

"That was really great info, easy to follow and easy to apply NOW. Thank you!"


Now is the time to perfect one of the most desirable skills for ANY career: effective communication. 

Stellar Slides BY SUNDAY is the perfect starter course to get you motivated, using more visuals, and designing better slides.

More importantly, I'm going to help you stop reading your slides to your audience (everyone's #1 presentation pet peeve).

And we'



I truly believe that STELLAR SLIDES BY SUNDAY will help you redesign your slides to be more modern, visual, and effective. 

But, I want YOU to feel confident about signing up for this course.

That's why I have 100% Risk Free Guarantee. You can try STELLAR SLIDES BY SUNDAY and if you aren't satisfied all you have to do is ask for a full refund within 3 days of enrollment.

Questions? Email me at echo@echorivera.com! 




Researchers, scientists, evaluators, or academics who uses slide-based presentations to share knowledge. 

Right now, you're just looking for the shortcut to well-designed slides. You want to make them better, spending AS LITTLE TIME AS POSSIBLE! 

You're ready to practice your presentations in advance -- or at least have your notes on a separate screen/paper -- so you can stop reading your slides to the audience. 



Corporations, tech companies, banks, or other businesses who use slide-based presentations.

You want to develop advanced visual communication and presentation skills in how to storyboard, design, and deliver compelling presentations (that's my other course, Blast Off to Stellar Slides). 

You want to avoid practicing, and want to keep your speaker notes on the slides so you can just read them to the audience. If so, definitely do NOT enroll in this course!



I noticed a need for more fun, engagement, and design within academia. Frankly, I was bored to tears. As an undergrad and grad student, I grew frustrated with text-heavy, boring presentations. I craved better stories, and better slides.

Over the last 10 years I've taught myself how to create effective presentations for academics, practitioners, policymakers, researchers, students and evaluators. I also learned how to create illustrations and comics so I could use them in my slides. I created BLAST OFF to STELLAR SLIDES to share my step by step process for storyboarding, designing, and delivering effective slide-based presentations.

As for my formal background... I have a PhD in Community Psychology because I'm passionate about using research and evaluation for social equity. I'm currently a research associate at a nonprofit research and evaluation center in Colorado.

To me, this is MUCH more than just making "pretty slides." Making our work more accessible is a social justice issue. Knowledge is power & I believe we should share knowledge in engaging ways so that it can be used to create social equity. 

I can't wait to make you an astronomically awesome presenter!

See you in the course!

Questions? Email me at echo@echorivera.com!