If you’re like most academics, researchers and evaluators…you were expected to learn effective presenting through osmosis.

(No wonder so many presentations we give are confusing, boring, or overwhelming)




What if you learned exactly how to transform your STANDARD SLIDES into CAPTIVATING SLIDESHOWS in less than a day? 😍


Most people have standard slides that look like this…


They’re (1) text heavy and cluttered, (2) use bad, outdated visuals that don’t resonate, and (3) have confusing data visualizations.


This, my friend, is what CAPTIVATING PRESENTATIONS look like…


You created your own unique style instead of using a slide template that makes you look default.

Your slides have the perfect amount of text, which is all beautifully & intentionally designed.

All your design elements are modern & make you look like a graphic designer.

You’ve chosen the perfect visuals that will resonate while also help solidify your key point.

Your data visualizations are easy to grasp quickly, and tell an intentional story.


How does that compare with your current slides? 👀

If you’re still making standard slides, then we want to help you learn how to transform them into captivating presentations.


We made CAPTIVATE WITH STELLAR SLIDES to help you design clear and compelling presentations for ANY AUDIENCE.

And you can learn exactly how to do this in LESS THAN A DAY.


CAPTIVATE WITH STELLAR SLIDES is not just a graphic design course about how to make “pretty slides.” I’m NOT going to tell you that literally every single slide needs a visual (who has time for that?!)

This is a course about how to COMMUNICATE information more clearly, effectively, and creatively when you’re using slides.

This course is also NOT a PowerPoint tutorial course. You are going to learn a new FRAMEWORK on how to create engaging visual communication that will apply to ANY slide software you use. PowerPoint? Keynote? Google Slides? LibreOffice Impress? Yes, yes, yes, and yes!

You’re going to learn how to design presentations that help your audience PAY ATTENTION to you above other distractions, UNDERSTAND what you’re saying, REMEMBER what you said, and USE the information later on. YES, even if (especially if) you’re presenting a ton of data.

Having effective verbal/visual communication skills is valued in EVERY industry. After over a decade of experimenting in my own academic, evaluation, and volunteer training presentations — and after training hundreds of people — I’ve learned a bunch along the way. I’ve packaged all the ESSENTIALS, trimmed away the excess, and packaged it into a short training that you’ll finish in less than a day!



If you haven’t taken formal training on how to create effective presentations, then chances are you’re creating ineffective ones. 😬


How many graduate-level classes on effective, visual communication were part of your program?


I’m guessing the answer is approximately zero.

If you’re like most people…you’ve probably never received any formal training in grad school on how to communicate effectively with presentations.

You were probably expected to learn by watching others give presentations.

The problem with that approach, is that they probably never had training either and you’re trying to learn by watching someone who is presenting ineffectively.

Ummm…that’s just setting you up to fail (and that makes me grumpy). 😡

Because even if you had fab presentation role models, that’s an ineffective way to learn advanced skills. Period.

You aren’t a mind reader, so how are you supposed to know why the presenter did (or didn’t do) something?

Think about it: did you learn how to conduct statistical analyses just by watching someone else silently click through SPSS menus or write their R code? Sure, observation is a key part of learning — but it works best in combination with formal training.

So where does this training gap leave you?

…with 2 options for learning how to design effective presentations:


1. Time x Trial & Error

If you’re lucky and have a ton of extra time, you can learn through time, trial, and error.

In truth, though, it’s hard to know whether the change you made was in the right direction or whether it’s outdated info (there’s a lot of BAD ADVICE out there, FYI).

…and there’s no guarantee that you’ll ever learn everything you need to know to deliver an effective presentation. 😵

…That doesn’t sound very efficient or effective, does it?


2. Formal Training

With a few hours of training, you’ll know exactly what to do (and what not to do) in your presentations.

Literally, your very next presentation would be more effective and engaging.

With training, you’ll have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to deliver truly effective and compelling presentations. 😎

In other words…training is a shortcut that saves you tons of time & guarantees you know the effective strategies.

That’s why I developed Captivate with Stellar Slides.

In just 4 hours, you’ll learn exactly how to create presentations that are clear, compelling, and captivating.


You don’t need to ditch your slides to captivate your audience. You can engage your audience…IF you use slides effectively & creatively. 👈🏻


Captivate with Stellar Slides is a 4 hour online training program that shows you the 3-step framework to creating compelling presentations.


After completing Captivate with Stellar Slides, you will know how to design presentations that:

  • keep audiences engaged and interested.

  • are free of clutter and distractions.

  • have less text and more visuals, without spending any (or tons) of money on stock photos.

  • look professional and well-designed, without a degree in graphic design.

  • have compelling and easy-to-understand graphs without learning new dataviz software.


[STEP 1] Effective presentation foundations: How to set yourself up for success for any presentation

  1. When it matters to create effective presentations.

  2. Your #1 enemy or “kiss of death” when giving presentations.

  3. How default templates feed into that enemy and other examples of this problem.

  4. How to identify and remove these problems from your presentations.

  5. Exactly what to do instead of using a default template.

  6. Top universal information (text) design principles that will work for any presentation (including in-person and online webinar formats).


[STEP 2] Resonate with your audience: How to choose the right amount of text per slide and use visuals to make a lasting impact

  1. How to choose what information to keep on your slides.

  2. How to know when you have too much text on your slides, and a system to help keep the amount of text on your slides “in check”.

  3. The #1 rule to guide you in creating presentations that will captivate your audience and keep their attention.

  4. How to find & choose visuals that will resonate, even for difficult topics (e.g., domestic violence, vaccinations).

  5. How to use visuals on your slides in an effective way, including several visual + text layouts you can use in your slides..

  6. An effective strategy to help you follow information and graphic (visual) design principles without even having to think about it.


[STEP 3] Tell your unique data story: My 4-step universal framework for presenting your data effectively

  1. How effective data visualization fits into the bigger picture of effective communication.

  2. The universal 4-step dataviz design process for presentation any data.

  3. Examples using this process will be provided for: a pie chart, clustered horizontal bar graph, and line graph.

  4. How to apply this process even with complex slides, sophisticated analyses, and when you have a lot of data to present.


Captivate with Stellar Slides is the brand new instant access, self-paced online version of my popular live group training series…which has LESS info, DOESN’T come with a replay, and COSTS $3,000.00 or more.


Here is some sample praise from the live workshop version…

“Engaging, high energy, fast-paced and useful for anyone regardless of the focus of their work.”

I first came across Dr. Rivera's resources several months ago and was immediately impressed with her research-driven, practical, and effective techniques, as well as her engaging delivery style. As the training and technical assistance provider for a statewide initiative, I asked Dr. Rivera to deliver two webinar trainings on how to design effective presentations for our grantees. She did a fantastic job conveying the information in a clear and enthusiastic manner. We received so much positive feedback from grantees [for example]:

  • “This is one of the best and most useful workshops on presentations that I have been too- Echo started with tools that everyone has at their disposal and showed us how to use them to best advantage.”    

  • “Engaging, high energy, fast-paced and useful for anyone regardless of the focus of their work.”

  • “Interactive, fun, different, tangible ideas that can be used in all aspects of my work.”

  • “This was one of the best sessions that I have attended. This applies to so much of what I do.”



Here’s how Captivate with Stellar Slides works.


1. Enroll

Complete the 2-minute enrollment process and check your inbox for the confirmation emails.


2. Learn

You’ll have instant access to all pre-recorded videos and handouts.


3. Captivate

You’ll now be ready to start making compelling presentations right away.


Captivate with Stellar Slides will show you how to stop boring (or confusing) your audience, and start captivating them. 👏🏻


 Here is everything you get in Captivate with Stellar Slides

3 workshops + 3 interactive handouts + long-term access


You’ll learn the entire 3-step framework to design captivating presentations in about 4 hours. Each workshop is about 1 hour 15 minutes each and comes with an interactive handout for you to fill out while you watch (plus there is an answer key).

You will have access to the course for as long as it’s publicly available, which will be at least 12 months. There will never be a monthly fee to keep accessing the course—this all available for a one-time payment.

Plus, you’ll get instant access to 25-minutes of BONUS CONTENT!

  1. A “blueprint for change” video that shows you how to tackle your presentation re-design in smaller, non-overwhelming steps.

  2. A bonus video on how to add logos, references, and other info to your slides without getting in the way of your new design.

  3. Plus you’ll get TWO slide makeover videos!


If you deliver slide-based presentations to adults (in-person or via webinar/video), then Captivate with Stellar Slides will work for you. 👍🏻


By now you might be wondering if this course was made for someone like you...

If you deliver slide-based presentations to adults (in-person or via webinar/video), then the answer is most likely yes. But examples help, so let’s talk about that for a bit…


This program was made for…

  • College/university professors and instructors (adjunct, associate, assistant, etc; tenure-track and non tenure-track).

  • Grad students & folks on the job market.

  • Program evaluators.

  • Social science and STEM researchers.

  • Service providers who train (volunteers, peers, etc).

  • #withaphd/#altac folks who create presentations.

  • Progressive political groups and social justice advocates.

  • And similar :)


This course is PERFECT if you…

  • Have already used a slide software (PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, and similar).

  • Deliver educational/informational presentations to adults for things like class lectures, conference presentations, research team/lab meetings, evaluation client meetings, volunteer/staff/peer training, and similar.

  • Dedicated to the idea that learning should be fun and engaging for the audience.

  • Have 4 hours to complete this program (I recommend binge-watching it within a month because you’ll want to complete the entire course before re-designing your slides).

  • Are ready to take action and implement new design strategies in your presentations.

This course is not a good fit if you…

  • Have never made a slide presentation before or have very little experience with slide software.

  • Primarily design other people’s presentations.

  • Have little-to-no control over your own presentation design (e.g., you must use your company’s slide template).

  • Primarily teach high school aged kids or younger.

  • Are currently an undergrad student (but come back soon!).

  • Just want quick fixes or templates so you can still start working your slides the night before (or on the plane ride there).

  • Only want strategies that allow you to keep most or all of your speaker notes on the slide.

  • Are convinced that fun and engaging presentations are in conflict with professional presentations.


Captivate with Stellar Slides is a unique training experience because you’ll see the strategies in action (and sometimes even reverse-engineered).

#mindblown 😮


I’m guessing you’ve already tried to improve your effective skills and saw little-to-no impact.

So what makes Captivate with Stellar Slides different than what you’ve tried before?


Have you already tried reading a book on effective presenting or reading blogs (👋🏻 I have)? One key difference is with this course you’re going to see the strategies in action, while you watch. When you read a book or blog post — even if it’s packed full of great content — you are missing out on the dynamic aspect that’s inherent to presenting.

In a book or blog, you’re being told what to do. In Captivate with Stellar Slides, you’re seeing what to do.


Have you already tried watching great presentations (👋🏻 I have) to reverse engineer their process? That doesn’t work because you have no insight as to why or how they did what they did. Worse, you have no idea about what didn’t make it onto the slide and why. That only works after you have comprehensive skills & knowledge about effective presenting.

Watching others barely teaches you the “what to do,” let alone the “what not to do.In Captivate with Stellar Slides, you learn both *and* I’ll reverse engineer many strategies right before your eyes.


Maybe you’ve tried (or plan to try) a conference workshop. Which, is fine—I’ve facilitated several of them. But, it’s a really, really, really expensive approach. How much did your last conference attendance cost? Does that include the cost of a half-day workshop? The half-day workshops alone are usually about $250, not to mention the registration fee (let’s say it’s $250 for an average conference) plus $500 for travel and hotel (on the cheap). So, we’re talking at least $1,000! 💳 💸

What’s even worse is that you’re at a conference—an event that guarantees you’ll experience cognitive overload and burnout. Let’s be honest, how much of a 4-hour workshop do you think you’ll remember after 6 months? A year? If you’re like most humans, it’ll certainly be less than 100%. Yet, you don’t get a replay, so you’ll have to spend that money all over again next year. 🗑️👈🏻💰

Conference workshops will essentially cost you AT LEAST $1,000.00, force you to learn when you’re exhausted & overwhelmed, AND you get no replay so when you forget parts of it, you’re out of luck.

Captivate with Stellar Slides gives you the control to learn at your own pace and re-watch lessons for a refresher.


That’s why it’s so awesome that Captivate with Stellar Slides is only $297.00 USD. 🙌🏻


 Captivate with Stellar Slides was made by a PhD (hi! 👋🏻 I’m Echo) for grad students through PhDs.


I’m here to help you communicate your research & educational info more effectively and creatively!

I’m Dr. Echo Rivera and I know I can train you to design presentations that have the perfect blend of professionalism and visual creativity.

Not only do I have a PhD (Community Psychology) and over 12 years of research & evaluation experience (yes, both quant & qual), but I’ve also helped hundreds (yes, literally) of folks just like you create more effective presentations.

For nearly a decade, I’ve helped academics, evaluators, scientists, and services providers learn the key techniques for designing presentations that are effective. By “effective,” I mean they increase the likelihood that the audience will pay attention, understand, remember, and use the information.

I know that you’ll love Captivate with Stellar Slides, because so many others have too. It’ll change the way you think about your presentations and maybe even make you excited to give presentations again.

See you in the course!

with joy,

echo-rivera-desk-background copy.png

Echo Rivera, PhD

Owner, Creative Research Communications LLC



Alright, my friend. Are you ready to Captivate your audience with Stellar Slides?


Let’s do this! 🎉