I have 100% Guarantee. You can try BLAST OFF to STELLAR SLIDES and if you aren't satisfied all you have to do is ask for a full refund within 14 days of your enrollment. 

Questions? Email me at echo@echorivera.com! 


How does the program work?

+ What are the program dates?

Enrollment is open for a limited time. When you enroll, you get immediate access to the first 2 modules and the Creative Your Visual Database so you can jump in immediately. From there, the remaining course are dripped out over the next 4 weeks.

+ What is the time commitment?

This is a self-paced online course, so part of that depends on your schedule. The core curriculum is intended to take 6 weeks, but you may take longer than that if you need to.

Class begins February 1, 2018 and you will have access to the Welcome Module, Module 1, and the Create Your Visual Database Masterclass. The other modules will be "dripped out" on a set schedule.

+ Can I start BOSS at a later date?

Definitely! BOSS is a self-paced online program. There are no live or time sensitive lessons except the live group office hours (community package), but you'll have access to the replays to watch at your convenience.

You work at your own pace, and there is no set time you need to start.

+ Where and how do I access the course?

You can do BOSS from anywhere in the world and on your schedule. All you need is an internet connection! The entire program is completely digital so you can access it from anywhere through our private course portal run through Teachable.com.

+ Will I learn effective visual communication skills?

Oh yes! This program covers EVERYTHING you need to know about effective visual communication through slide-based presentations. You get videos and worksheets to walk you through storyboarding, decluttering, effective text design, effective use of visuals, and effective data visualization!

Your biggest questions

+ I've already been presenting for years, can this course really make a difference in my presentations?

Chances are, absolutely YES. Sure, you've been presenting for years, but if you've never taking a formal training course then chances are you learned by watching and repeating what other academics, scientists, researchers, and evaluators do...

...and the problem with that is most presentations are ineffective. Why? Because we don't get training on how to be effective. So yes, this course will show train you on formal visual communication skills, which will have a positive impact on your presentation: both the slide and content (storyboard).

+ Do I already need to have advanced PowerPoint skills?

Nope! This professional development course was specifically made for people who have never taken communication/presentation training before. It will help if you've made at least one presentation before...but honestly...Chances are, if you're an academic (including grad students!), scientists, evaluator, and researcher then you already have plenty of experience to be successful in this program.

+ Are you just gonna tell me all the things I'm doing wrong to stress me out and make me feel like a terrible presenter/academic/person?

(horrified gasp) Noooo! Definitely NOT.

The truth is, most people give ineffective presentations. MOST PEOPLE, which means that it's a problem with our culture, not a problem with you. And I don't blame people for delivering a bad presentation, I really don't. Why? Because we don't get trained on how to create effective ones!

My research and evaluation background is on community-level, strengths-based approaches. No shaming. No victim blaming/deficit-based approaches. That's just how I address everything, and that applies to BOSS.

And I don't stop at teaching you what to stop doing: You will learn what to do instead. In a friendly, non-shaming way.

+ How many other things will I need to buy to apply these presentation design/visual communication skills?

I recommend that you use PowerPoint (Office 365) or Keynote (Apple), so if you don't already have access to one of those, then you'll probably want to buy them.

Other than that -- NOTHING! The only costs typically associated with visual presentation design are things like high-quality stock photos, but in the Create Your Visual Database Masterclass, I show you how to get FREE ones!

+ Will I be supported? How much access do I get to you and your team?

Some of you are independent learners and don't need support. Cool -- that's exactly why I offer the "Independent Study" package. However, for those of you who want support and the ability to ask me and my team tons of questions, then I've made the "Community" and "Premium" packages available. Through these options, you get lifetime access to a private community plus live group office hours each cohort. I invest in people to make this the BEST, most supportive program available.

Policies, pricing, and our guarantee

+ How much does this program cost?

Depending on the payment option you choose, the program investment begins at $619 USD (VAT not included in this price, as that will depend on your location).

+ That's a big investment! How can I afford this right now?

Look. I don't want anyone to join who would be in a tight financial spot by purchasing this program. Please do not put yourself in debt or cause yourself unncessary stress by purchasing. But here's a few things to keep in mind that might help:

First, I offer payment plans, so you can break the payment up across several months.

Second, this is a professional development course. Talk with your advisor, director, or administration team to see if there are organizational funds to help cover all (or part) of the tuition. If I can help by providing a "fact sheet" or more information, let me know at echo@echorivera.com

Third, if you're an independent consultant then chat with your accountant about taking this course. It should be tax deductible, but again--please confirm that with your accountant.

+ If I pay with the payment plans, do I still get access to everything?

Absolutely! If you pay with the payment plans, you get access to EVERYTHING in the package you choose.

+ What is the refund policy? What if it isn't a good fit

You are fully backed by my 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with the course, you may request a FULL refund within the first 14 days of your enrollment. We suggest you try it out and see how you like it!

+ What does lifetime access include?

Once your tuition is paid in full, you will have access to all materials (and all updates) permanently. I will never take away your access/login and you will never have to pay additional monthly or membership fees to keep access.

I add updates each year, and will create new tech training videos as the new versions of PowerPoint/Keynote come along. These will be added to the course at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

This course is taught on the platform Teachable. You will be able keep and access all of the materials from the course for the entire lifetime that this course is run on Teachable.com. If this course is moved to a new platform any time after your purchase, you will have access to all materials on the new platform as well. If I have to take my course offline because no online platforms are suitable, I will allow you to download all videos before closing down the course.

+ Can I share course materials with friends, students, or colleagues?

No. Tuition only includes 1 person, it's a single user license. Your account information cannot be shared with anyone nor can you share the materials with anyone else. If you are interested in a 3+ person group (multi-license) purchase, that's a smart idea & I'd be happy to chat further: please email me at echo@echorivera.com

Is Blast Off to Stellar Slides right for me?

+ Who is this program for?

This course is for researchers, academics, evaluators, and scientists who want to improve their effective visual communication skills.

I do not recommend taking this course if you are in banking, tech start ups, or other business-focused companies. The material was made for a niche audience and would likely not be appropriate for your specific audience.

+ Will this work on my operating system/ software/ application/ etc?

Most likely, yes.

The effective design strategies (e.g., the principle of decluttering) you will learn in this course apply to almost any software or application you use. You need a slide presentation application,though. That includes Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Slides, and Libre. If you're using Powerpoint, I recommend 2010 or later.

As for your operating system: Windows, Mac, and Linux are all fine.

+ Do you teach Prezi? Canva?

No. I do not recommend either Prezi or Canva for presentations, so I will not be creating any lessons related to those programs.

+ What do you use to create dataviz?

All dataviz taught in this course is made in excel. I do not know R, Tableau, or other specialized dataviz program.

Still have questions? No problem!
Email me at echo@echorivera.com. 



Researchers, scientists, evaluators, or academics who uses slide-based presentations to share knowledge. 

You want to learn more than just how to make slides "pretty" -- you want to create effective, visual, and compelling presentations.  

You're ready to practice your presentations in advance so you don't have to rely on your slides to be your speaker notes.

You want to build a reputation as being an effective communicator. 

You are ready to approach this course with an open mind and are willing to try new presentation design strategies.

You believe it's your responsibility as a communicator to do everything you can to help your audience learn, understand, and remember your material.



Corporations, tech companies, banks, or other businesses who use slide-based presentations.

You just want to make sexy dataviz and don't care about storyboarding or designing other content effectively. 

You want to avoid practicing, and want to keep your speaker notes on the slides so you can just read them to the audience.

You don't care if people think you're a boring, ineffective communicator.

You aren't willing to try new presentation design strategies, and want a "one size fits all" approach or basic templates to use.

You believe it's entirely your audience's responsibility to learn the material even if your  presentations are overwhelming and the design is ineffective. 


Click on the image of the package you want, then...

1. Create an account on Teachable (Creative Research Communication school) & submit payment.


2. Check your inbox for an email from Teachable & confirm your email. Then, you'll get an email from me!


3. Log in to the BOSS course on Teachable and check out the modules that are waiting for you!