The FASTEST way for researchers, academics, scientists, and evaluators to become experts at effective visual communication.

BOSS is a 6-week online program that shows you EXACTLY how to storyboard, design, and deliver compelling presentations to your students, clients, and colleagues.

Registration is closed until Summer 2018, but in the meantime you can grab my FREE starter kit to get going, and to get notified when doors open again. 


Imagine what it will feel like to deliver a stellar presentation or lecture with confidence & joy.


This could be you!  

YOU could have a reputation among your colleagues as being a professional and engaging communicator.

YOUR STUDENTS could be glued to your compelling lecture slides instead of browsing Facebook.

YOU could actually enjoy designing & giving presentations and lectures.

Imagine what it will feel like when you know how to create compelling presentations and finally resonate with your audience!

Maybe you... overcome your hatred for public speaking. 

...or you get to entertain and educate other academics and researchers without worrying about whether you're being "professional enough." 

... or your students and clients tell you "that was the best presentation I've ever seen!"


You wish someone would just take you by the hand and guide you through each design step in order, and that you had a way you could just ask questions when you need to.


You're ready to make amazing, effective slides but you have so many questions!


I know there can be a lot of questions and confusion if you’re trying to create visual presentations on your own. If you don’t have a design guide to follow, it can be easy to make some critical mistakes, get off track, and never resonate with your students, clients, or colleagues.

Without guidance and support, it can be difficult to make any progress at all!


BLAST OFF to STELLAR SLIDES is the fastest way for academics, researchers, evaluators, and scientists to learn how to create effective presentations, lectures & workshops.

This 6 week online program is packed full of digestible, actionable lessons and video tutorials so you never feel overwhelmed, confused, or stuck. 

Impress your colleagues, have more fun teaching, and unlock the inner visual artist you have hidden inside. 


Since taking the course, my presentations are far more dynamic and engaging. My audiences have offered comments such as “Wow, great presentation,” “Love the visuals,” and “Compelling presentation.” Honestly, it was a fabulous learning experience from beginning to end. Thank you, Echo. - Lesley Allen, Senior Consultant, Allen & Allen Consulting and Research


Most surprisingly, the class unleashed a creative energy within me I didn’t know was suppressed. In addition to making the visual components of my presentations more effective, Echo’s course ultimately changed my life. Echo’s class enabled me to embrace my artist self, I’ve integrated drawing and comics into my life and presentations in ways I never imagined before, and know with her guidance and support I will continue to make meaningful graphics for much more impactful presentations for the rest of my life. Kandace Creel Falcón, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies


Signing up for BOSS has been the most fantastic decision! My slides are much more fun to teach from. I’m spending more time facing the audience and interacting, as there’s no temptation to read from the slides anymore. It’s been a serious time commitment to go back and revamp all of my slide sets, but so worthwhile, and colleagues have been very impressed with them. -Jennifer de Beyer, Research Coordinator & Publication Specialist, UK EQUATOR Centre, Centre for Statistics in Medicine, University of Oxford

Read more reviews about BOSS here. 


BLAST OFF to STELLAR SLIDES is packed with short videos, step-by-step guides, worksheets, and more!


BOSS includes everything you need, and nothing you don't. It's the curated, focused guidance you've been looking for! 


"The self-paced online format made it easy for me..."

I found the lesson modules to be well-organized and worth the time it took to do them.  The self-paced online format made it easy for me to make space in my day for the lesson.  And Echo has been responsive and encouraging in her communications with me. Gerda Zonruiter, Research and Evaluation Consultant


"I highly recommend Echo' presentation course"

I highly recommend Echo Rivera's online presentation course, “Blast Off to Stellar Slides”. I thought and I heard from others that I developed good presentations before taking the course. Echo’s course taught me how to make my presentations more focused and interesting, and in less time than in the past. Gerda Zonruiter, Research and Evaluation Consultant


Blast off to Stellar Slides is an online professional development program that shows you how to create compelling presentations that get you heard, understood, and remembered.


"The BOSS community option has been an amazing investment"

The BOSS community option has been an amazing investment. I'd been dithering over the extra bit of cash, thinking I'd be fine just going through the modules on my own.  

But the coaching calls and Facebook prompts have been incredibly helpful in keeping me accountable. I didn't really start working on the course until the first coaching call happened, despite promising myself that I would start as soon as the course opened and work consistently!

Being able to dump questions into the office hours survey stopped me getting stuck and stalling on a particular class - I knew Echo would answer them in a few days, so I could keep going and not worry.-Jennifer de Beyer, Research Coordinator & Publication Specialist, UK EQUATOR Centre, Centre for Statistics in Medicine, University of Oxford

Your life BEFORE
taking my course...


You use visuals in your slides, but ineffectively: they're small, cluttered, in the corner, distorted...and you use a template.

You create slides to share your knowledge and make the world a better place, but no one seems to care or remember what you say. 

You have a reputation for giving boring, presentations. "Death by powerpoint" is all your audience thinks about.

You know you could tell better stories & that your presentations could be designed better, but you don't know what to do.

You hate public speaking and have no fun working on your presentations. 


Your life AFTER
taking my course... 


You use visuals in your slides in an effective way that actually connects with your audience & helps them remember.

You create slides to share your knowledge and make the world a better place, and it resonates and makes a real impact! 

You have a reputation of creating effective, well-designed presentations. You hear, "I wish more slides looked liked that!" 

You know exactly how to use graphic design theory, information design, & visuals to make your presentations stellar.

You're okay with public speaking, and start having a blast working on your presentations.


Grad schools don't cover communication skills training. I'm here to fill that gap. 


Class lectures: Learn how to set up your lecture slides to save you time from lesson to lesson, semester to semester.

Conference presentations: Learn how to create highly effective and visual conference presentations quickly, so you can have more time to explore the new city (or binge watch HGTV in your hotel room). 

Workshops, trainings, lab meetings: Learn how to create effective slides for just about any situation and any audience, like for workshops, trainings, and lab meetings!


What does BOSS include?


Everyone gets the CORE CURRICULUM. That includes 6 modules of video lessons, and tons of TECH TRAINING VIDEOS where I walk you through exactly HOW to implement the lessons. Take a look below for a snapshot of topics covered in the core curriculum >>

[1] Effective, Visual Communication Foundations

The hierarchy of effective communication: A guiding framework.

Why & when you need to care about being an effective & visual communicator.

The "presentation as a package" concept & core components of a presentation package.

My #1 strategy for keeping people's attention from start to finish--even for academic lectures!

My ALL TIME best TIME SAVING efficiency strategies.

Considerations for people with disabilities. 

[2] Storyboarding Your Presentations

Set your presentation impact goals.

Adjust your content/delivery/style based on your specific audience.

Create a storyboard that hooks your audience at the start and inspires them to act at the end. 

Storyboarding ideas from start, middle, and end.

[3] Declutter Your Slides

Why clutter is your #1 enemy.

The 7 types of clutter and how to avoid them.

The problem with templates and what to do instead.

How to choose what content makes it to your slides.

Can you spot the clutter? video activity. 

[4] Use Text Effectively

How to use the Ban All That Text Scale (BATTS) to reduce the amount of text on your slides. 

How to apply the core information design principles to your slide for: Typography, Contrast, Color, Alignment, Hierarchy, Emphasis, Object/text grouping, Object/text placement

Animations: The good, the bad, and the omg-don't-use-this-ever.

How to set up your bullet point alternatives.

How to edit and create your own Master Slides.

[5] Use Visuals Effectively

How to find compelling photos that resonate and inspire your audience, even if your topic is obscure! 

How to use photos effectively (placement, grouping, with text, cropping, etc).

Tips for taking your own photos

How to use shapes for design, emphasis, and creativity. 

How to use icons effectively for design and organization. 

How to create your own illustrations--even if you suck at drawing. 

How to add videos to your slides.

How to create your own gifs and memes (& existing ones). 

How to take and when to use screenshots.

[6] Data Visualization Strategies

My easy peasy 4-step dataviz design process: Universal principles no matter what dataviz you use.

Qualitative dataviz ideas using quotes and tables.

Quantitative dataviz ideas and makeovers using the 4-step process for:

  • Single bar graphs
  • Clustered bar graphs
  • Pie charts
  • Data tables
  • Line graphs
  • Frequency bars (e.g., for Likert-type scales)



In addition to the core curriculum, your enrollment includes

[Step 0] Create Your Visual Database Masterclass

(Value $147) Included in your enrollment!


If you want to create visual presentations, fast, then you need a Visual Database.

This Masterclass sets you up for success by:

> Showing you exactly how to set up (and use) your own Visual Database, 
> Giving you helpful brainstorming sheets so you can find the perfect photos,
> Starting you off with ** 50 FREE PHOTOS ** from my personal collection, and
> Sharing direct links to another ** 100 FREE PHOTOS ** from creative commons!!

[Step 7] Create Handouts that ROCK: An advanced workshop

(Value $297) Included in your enrollment! Release date: January 31, 2018


If you want to create visual presentations effectively, then you need to create custom handouts for your audience. 


In this workshop, I walk you through exactly how to take your awesome presentation and turn it into a great handout and/or printable infographic--in the shortest amount of time possible.


"Echo's CYVD course was a lifeline in sourcing images safely."


I knew I wanted more visual slides, but was unsure how to source images. When I did add images, they always seemed to look splattered on and the slides just looked a bit odd. Echo’s CYVD course was a lifeline in sourcing images safely.
-Jennifer de Beyer, Research Coordinator & Publication Specialist, UK EQUATOR Centre, Centre for Statistics in Medicine, University of Oxford





You'll get a private community of visual communication BFFS and ongoing support from me.


Why do you need a community? 



[1] A Private Community of Likeminded Peers


Chat, support, and network with other BOSS students (and Echo!) in a private facebook group. Get feedback on your slides, test your storyboards, and get all of your questions answered quickly. When I see common issues coming up in the group, I'll do an informal live Q&A to help everyone keep moving forward.

[2] 4 Group Office Hours (each cohort) 


I will hold 4 scheduled live office hours to answer your questions, keep you accountable, and clarify anything that's holding you back! When needed, I will also do LIVE tech trainings! Can't make the scheduled call? No worries, the recording will be available for LIFETIME ACCESS.

PLUS, I do 4 office hours for EACH cohort, which means you get access to all the previous group office hours -- AND -- you can attend the live group office hours for future cohorts! 


The Community Package is designed so you can make new friends who care about visual communication just as much as you do -- and so you can get ongoing support and guidance from me even after you've completed the curriculum. 

> This package is how you can get YOUR UNIQUE questions answered. Like: 


> This package is also how you can CELEBRATE your successes and help others! 


> This package is how you can STAY ACCOUNTABLE!

If you're worried that you'll lose track and won't complete the course, then the group office hours and Facebook prompts will help you stay on track Have Accountability. Worried that you will lose track over the summer? Being part of a community, and the group coaching calls, will be a great motivator to help you stay on track.


"...We can chat it through and keep asking questions." 


I’ve particularly loved that the course learning doesn’t stop between cohorts. Whenever a presentation issue or new experience pops up, we can chat it through and keep asking questions. It’s also really fun to be able to share new slide designs or good experiences!  -Jennifer de Beyer, Research Coordinator & Publication Specialist, UK EQUATOR Centre, Centre for Statistics in Medicine, University of Oxford



Choose the Premium Package to add 2 Slide Feedback Reviews to your course! (Valued at $500!)

placeit (7).png

"Getting video feedback on one of my presentations was invaluable."

Getting video feedback on one of my presentations was invaluable. Written feedback is great, but it was particularly helpful to be able to watch how Echo changed slides and how little tweaks could make a big difference. Echo also honed in on which BOSS concepts I was struggling to implement naturally and gave me some clear steps for tackling these changes. -Jennifer de Beyer, Research Coordinator & Publication Specialist, UK EQUATOR Centre, Centre for Statistics in Medicine, University of Oxford




BLAST OFF to STELLAR SLIDES is an online program, so you can do the course from home (no fancy pants required) and on your own schedule.


"If you want to improve your presentation skills, I highly recommend the BOSS course."


If you want to improve your presentation skills, I highly recommend the BOSS course. It is an excellent online course that is well organized, user friendly and practical. It is well worth the investment of your time and money. -Lesley Allen, Senior Consultant, Allen & Allen Consulting and Research


You'll get LIFETIME* access to all course material and tech trainings. This includes any & all updates to the course! 

Lifetime of the course -- as long as it's hosted online, you'll have access!


I'm going to help YOU create compelling presentations, resonate with your audience, and overcome your hatred of public speaking!

And we'll have FUN together! I love sprinkling in stories, illustrations, and comics (made by me, just like the illustrations on this page!) throughout the curriculum, because I want you to learn and laugh :)

My course is strictly a NO SHAMING environment. I promise that I'm not gonna tell you that you suck. I'm simply holding your hand so you can let go of everything holding you back (ineffective strategies) and learn exactly how to be more visual, engaging, and effective. 

And we'




Time is valuable. I get it. That's why I teach time-saving workflow strategies.

That's why this is a self-paced online course. The lessons are short, digestible videos (usually about 8-12 min) so you can learn a little bit at a time.

I also "drip" the modules so you don't get overloaded with information all at once!


Agreed. That's why I teach you effective communication strategies, not just "fluff" or how to create something that's just "pretty."

What's more professional than being able to deliver presentations that your audience (academics included!) pays attention to, understands, remembers, and uses later.


You kinda are if you think about it. We use thoughts in our head to create innovative research, science, or evaluation projects!

But you don't have to be a graphic design artist, if that's what you mean. I will show you exactly how to apply graphic design theory (step-by-step) to presentations & lectures. 


BLAST OFF to STELLAR SLIDES is the shortcut.

There's tons of information on the internet. But...that's kind of the problem. Do you really have the time to spend HUNDREDS OF HOURS sorting through the 3,220,000 google hits for "effective presentation tips"?


Can you really afford to spend hundreds of hours figuring out (1) which info is good or crap, (2) what order it goes in, and (3) HOW to actually implement the tips using YOUR presentation software? 

"A little bit of research turned up an overwhelming amount of information"

A little bit of research turned up an overwhelming amount of information on design and imagery that I didn’t have the time or skills to dig into.-Jennifer de Beyer, Research Coordinator & Publication Specialist, UK EQUATOR Centre, Centre for Statistics in Medicine, University of Oxford


Wanna know what's faster, and a hell of a lot easier? 

Having someone ELSE (1) curate only the MOST IMPORTANT and ACCURATE strategies, (2) put them in order, and (3) give you tech trainings for YOUR presentation software... oh, and (4) deliver tech updates and the latest design trends to you on a silver platter?


And, yup. You guessed it: That's EXACTLY what BOSS does for you. 

Maybe you're worried that academics and scientists won't like your visual style...that they'll think you aren't being "professional enough."

But here's the thing: Nothing is more professional than being effective.

But just in case you're still worried, here are direct quotes from feedback forms on my research/evaluation presentations:


“The presenter was very professional. She was informed and prepared and she provided an excellent presentation.”

Great presentation!”

Very well done. I appreciate the professionalism…Thank you!”

“You have mad powerpoint skills.” 

Excellent powerpoint, clear and easy to read! Love the pictures

“The presentation was great and the speaker was very knowledgeable.”

“The presentation was great and the speaker was very knowledgeable.” 

“I like the creative spin of the presentation. Pictures were engaging, Speech patterns were relaxed instead of technical and stuffy”

Audience feedback on my webinars about presentation design:

I am an English teacher preparing visual materials for my site and courses. Echo's visual media expertise and fine eye for detail has helped me tremendously. Her materials are well organised, constructive and creative. My first place to go for pertinent, concise, and visual instruction.
- Ruth Crooks

"So glad I woke up (early) to follow this webinar!" 

"Thank you so much for this inspiring webinar!"

"Thank you, Echo! This was an awesome presentation!" 

"Great webinar! Thanks for putting it together"

"This presentation was really awesome, just what I was looking for."

"This was fantastic! Thank you."

"Her slides look great." 

"That was really great info, easy to follow and easy to apply NOW. Thank you!"



Researchers, scientists, evaluators, or academics who uses slide-based presentations to share knowledge. 

You want to learn more than just how to make slides "pretty" -- you want to create effective, visual, and compelling presentations.  

You're ready to practice your presentations in advance so you don't have to rely on your slides to be your speaker notes.

You want to build a reputation as being an effective communicator. 

You are ready to approach this course with an open mind and are willing to try new presentation design strategies.

You believe it's your responsibility as a communicator to do everything you can to help your audience learn, understand, and remember your material.



Corporations, tech companies, banks, or other businesses who use slide-based presentations.

You just want to make sexy dataviz and don't care about storyboarding or designing other content effectively. 

You want to avoid practicing, and want to keep your speaker notes on the slides so you can just read them to the audience.

You don't care if people think you're a boring, ineffective communicator.

You aren't willing to try new presentation design strategies, and want a "one size fits all" approach or basic templates to use.

You believe it's entirely your audience's responsibility to learn the material even if your  presentations are overwhelming and the design is ineffective. 



I truly believe that BLAST OFF to STELLAR SLIDES will teach you the skills -- and give you the support -- you need to become an astronomically awesome presenter.

But, I want YOU to feel confident about investing in your professional development through my course. 

That's why I have 100% Risk Free Guarantee. You can try BLAST OFF to STELLAR SLIDES and if you aren't satisfied all you have to do is ask for a full refund within 14 days of your enrollment.

Questions? Email me at echo@echorivera.com! 


I have a satisfaction guarantee because I'm honestly trying to create the BEST online course about how to be an effective presenter.


While taking the course, participants were asked to provide constructive feedback and identify areas that needed improvement or additional technical lessons. This request for participant feedback and suggestions demonstrated Echo’s ongoing professionalism and work ethic. Her aim is to provide the best course possible on presentations through continuous refinement and participant feedback. -Lesley Allen, Senior Consultant, Allen & Allen Consulting and Research



I noticed a need for more fun, engagement, and design within academia. Frankly, I was bored to tears. As an undergrad and grad student, I grew frustrated with text-heavy, boring presentations. I craved better stories, and better slides.

Over the last 10 years I've taught myself how to create effective presentations for academics, practitioners, policymakers, researchers, students and evaluators. I also learned how to create illustrations and comics so I could use them in my slides. I created BLAST OFF to STELLAR SLIDES to share my step by step process for storyboarding, designing, and delivering effective slide-based presentations.

As for my formal background... I have a PhD in Community Psychology because I'm passionate about using research and evaluation for social equity. I'm currently a research associate at a nonprofit research and evaluation center in Colorado.

To me, this is MUCH more than just making "pretty slides." Making our work more accessible is a social justice issue. Knowledge is power & I believe we should share knowledge in engaging ways so that it can be used to create social equity. 

I can't wait to make you an astronomically awesome presenter!

See you in the course!

Questions? Email me at echo@echorivera.com! 




Click on the image of the package you want, then...

1. Create an account on Teachable (Creative Research Communication school) & submit payment.


2. Check your inbox for an email from Teachable & confirm your email. Then, you'll get an email from me!


3. Log in to the BOSS course on Teachable and check out the modules that are waiting for you! 


Have more questions?

Send me a quick email at echo@echorivera and/or check out some FAQS and student reviews!:

Web design and illustrations made by Echo Rivera (C). The feedback I provided above is based on actual feedback I've received on my own presentations. This is for illustration only and is not intended to represent or guarantee that current or future students will achieve the same or similar feedback.

Space & Communication icons made by Freepik and Presentation icons made by MadeByOliver via Flaticon.com and are licensed by Creative Commons 3.0. Photo provided by Warner Bros.